Monday, June 15, 2009

Commissioning Service

We had a GREAT day yesterday! It was Homecoming at church (59 years!) and the church had a commissioning service for us. The service was very special, very encouraging and humbling. We appreciate all the people that committed to pray for us and support us. We had a great time of fellowship and a very sweet time of prayer. 
We only have five days until we leave! We have been moving things out of the house and packing. We are just enjoying time with our family and friends. God is good and so faithful!

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  1. Oh Kara, I hated it that I could not be there Sunday night. I just wasn't well enough. My heart ached missing the service and missing the opportunity to be in your presence before you leave. My heart is aching also that I will not be able to go on the trip, but I know the Lord knows where I need to be. I am so thrilled for ya'll. The day is almost here and God has been so faithful to do all that He promised He would do. He has gone before you and prepared the way for you, George and ELias. You are cradled in the palm of His hand and although you will physically be miles away from us, our hearts will go with you and His hand will guide you. In this, we have perfect peace. I know that the purest form of servants work will be done in humility and grace by you and George. He has prepared your hearts well and you have listened well. You are are ready.....He has done great things in you Kara....GREAT things and I can only say, with tears on my face, that I count it all abounding joy to know and love you and see one who is so committed to our Savior and the furthering of the Gospel. You humble me. OH THE WONDERFUL CROSS.......OH THE WONDERFUL CROSS......You and George have been drawn closer to it because of your committment to serve the souls of Honduras. May the God and Father of our salavation....May He go every step with you...May He supply your every spoken and unspoken need....May He surround you with peace....May He give you daily assurance that you are right in the center of His will.....May He use you as His instruments and His handiwork....May you be blessed.
    I will miss you so much. I love you more than mere words could ever express. You will daily be in our prayers and constantly in our hearts. I love you Kara....but Jesus loves you more.