Saturday, September 5, 2009


Tonight we are having my teacher and her boyfriend over for dinner. We are looking forward to the time that we can spend together. Please pray for our conversation. Adonias' father is a pastor up in the mountains. I'm not sure if he is a Christian.  Please continue to pray for them and the upcoming birth of their baby. 
Tomorrow we are catching a bus to San Pedro. Jarmon will be there to pick us up and then we will meet the group at the airport! We are so excited to see daddy, mama, Dale, Chris, Greg and the rest of the group! We are also looking forward to seeing Gene and Debbie tomorrow! We are excited about the next two weeks. Please pray for the safety as the teams travel and for us as we travel. Also pray that the construction of our home will go well and that God will work out the plans. Pray also for the time that we will be able to share the Gospel with the people around the property. 
God is so good and continues to be faithful!


  1. May God bless your time together with your big brother and parents! I know your heart must be so full Kara. Enjoy these moments together and I hope Dale is taking lots of pictures. I love you and wish I was there too!

  2. How exciting to be finishing up your home. I wish I could be there to join in. It is wonderful reading about how God is shaping you as you learn the language and become more aquainted with the culture of the country; be it in the mountains or the city. I look forward to our next time together and will be praying in the meantime for His name to be spread throughout the land through your actions.