Monday, January 25, 2010


We are now back in Honduras at the Property. We had a great time in the States with friends and family. Last week we had a great time with a group from Raiford Road. They did alot of work on our house-it is looking great!
Right now I dont have a lot of time to write because we are in an Internet Cafe because our computer died last week. We sent it to the States to get fixed so we will be without internet for a few weeks.
We love you guys and appreciate you. Please continue to pray for us, our ministry, and the people here.

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  1. Hello! So sad we didn't catch up with you all when you were in the States. But we know you had a great time:) We have been doin well- gearing up for 180 this weekend. We think of you all often & have your picture on the dash of our van.
    Ayden is learnin about missionaries @ church and is to ask you- how do you tell people about Jesus? I told Ayden that she was to think of a missionary and she immediately said "George." I thought that was awesome she remembers you all! Hope you all are settling back in and we'll have to keep up with you all more often on your blog.
    Love you guys!