Saturday, August 22, 2009

Learning new things

Yesterday instead of having class at school, my teacher came to our apartment. She was coming to teach me how to make tortillas and refried beans. When she got here, we went to the market to buy a few supplies. The market is a small, small place-they are working on a new one so it is now stuffed into a "hole." There are vendors set up everywhere selling veggies, fruit, and other kitchen supplies. There are people out front that traveled from the mountains to sell tortillas or other foods they had made. When you walk in there are people everywhere-there are also scraps on the floor and dogs running around trying to find whatever they can to eat. The smells are overwhelming at times. Although it sounds like a horrible place-its actually a fun place to be! George, Elias and I went last Sunday and it was fun buying fresh meat and veggies. 
Anyway back to making tortillas-we bought a few things at the market and another store and headed back to the apartment. We mixed the ingredients and heated the pan. Yessenia showed us the amount to start with and how to pat the tortilla in a circle. George tried first. We had a great laugh when it turned out to look like a flower or a ninja star! Then it was my turn and I actually did pretty good-a perfect circle! I had to rub it in to George because he is usually a great cook and he hates not being able to do things correctly. But he redeemed himself and made really great refried beans! 


  1. So interesting to hear all the aspects of the culture you guys are learning about. Please keep sharing when you get a chance, we always look forward to reading your updates.

  2. I can close my eyes and see everything you are describing Kara. I can almost even smell what you're smelling! Makes me miss Honduras. Be blessed and keep the stories coming. We love them! Kisses to Elias:)