Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remembering a Life

Tonight we are remembering the life of Mr Sam Fowler and of his wife Mrs Jackie and their family. Mr Sam was a great man of God. George and I were thinking about the ministry that he loved in church-the mentor program. What a great vision this was: for mature believers to share and teach the Faith with young believers. Mr Sam was a sweet man who loved the Lord. I was told that he passed while the family was singing around him. Can you imagine the song that he is singing now?! He ran the race well and now he gets to see Jesus face to face!  I am so thankful for Mr Sam and Mrs Jackie. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family. We love you

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  1. thinking of you, George and Elias tonight... wondering how you spent your Saturday, praying that the Lord would continue His work by you, grateful that He has blessed you beyond measure with your little one and each other, and thankful He keeps His arms safely around you guys :)