Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Update

We have found a great clinic that we really like here in La Esperanza. The Doctor is great and they have a Ultrasound machine so that we can see the baby each time we go.
The first time we visited, the doctor thought that we were having a boy-but he said he was not sure because I was still a bit too early to tell. The second time that we went the baby had its legs crossed and we were not able to see if it was a boy or girl. I went to the doctor again yesterday and he said that we are having a GIRL!! We are very excited-this will be the first granddaughter on both George's and my sides of the family. Her name will be Sadie Elizabeth (Sadie after my daddy's mother and and Elizabeth after me and Mary)
God has blessed us greatly! The baby is totally healthy and growing right on schedule. Please continue to pray for Elias and our little girl!
We love yall!

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  1. Still so hard to believe!!! Can't wait to see how she makes her way into this family full of boys:) Love you guys...Sum