Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hey everybody! I just wanted to share a little about this week and some of the things that God is doing here. A week ago we had our first meeting concerning the new ministry I mentioned in my previous blog. It went great! We discussed our mission statement, our responsibilities, and chose positions for the five of us. Jorge Lagos is president, Samuel Aguilera is vice president, Randy Booth is fiscal, Keith Daniels is secretary, and I am treasurer. The most encouraging thing is that we all seem to have a similar vision for the ministry as well as our own personal responsibilities. I think of Acts where the early church met often and the Bible says, “they had all things in common”. We prayed that night that this ministry and ourselves would be used to further God’s kingdom. Also that if it is of man it will fail, but if this ministry is of God His plans will succeed. Please keep praying for us as we begin that we will be sensitive to God’s timing and will for the ministry.

Also I wanted to share with you about our day last Thursday. The Nissan had been acting funny when you tried to crank it. Well, Kara and Norma went to town in it and called me an hour later explaining that it wouldn’t crank. I hopped in the ministry truck and headed to town. There was a woman and her small daughter standing by the road hitching a ride. This is a very common accurance to see someone looking for a ride. Everyone here has somewhere to go but no way to get there. So now it is me, with these two passengers. We get halfway to La Esperanza when Kara called me explaining that the truck now started that I could just head back to the property. As I look in the rearview mirror to see if I can do a quick u-turn I see the lady and girl whom I have obligated myself to take to town. I met up with Kara and everything was fine. This whole time I am thinking that it is the alternator. That afternoon I had my first opportunity to go to a village alone (alone meaning without Keith or Sam). I asked Kara if she wanted to go so we took Elias and headed out. I went by and picked up Keith’s son, Tanner. He is a great translator and I am not confident enough yet to teach a Bible study on my own. We drove to the village that is about 40 minutes from the property. We left the truck and walked the last five or ten minutes because there is no road all the way there. When we got back the truck cranked right up without any problems. Later that night, as Evis and I were working, a man rode up to Evis’ house on his horse. Evis went and checked to see what he wanted. He explained that he had some friends who were picking potatoes and were, themselves, having engine trouble. He said it was just down the road. Well he wasn’t lying about that, as it was right down the road where we turned off the road. We drove for literally twenty minutes through the woods, over boulders, and through creeks until we finally came to the broke down vehicle. I turned the truck off and Evis and I got out to see what was wrong. They asked me to turn around so that they could jump it off. I got in the truck and nothing. Not a peep. I could still hear the crickets chirping. I prayed that God would allow the truck to start. It was a really short prayer. I turned the ignition and it started. God has been teaching me to be more aware of His blessings and provisions. Also, that He wants me to trust Him and know that I can trust Him. It is little things like that that we can either look to God and give Him the glory or miss the opportunity to strengthen our faith in Him. I love you guys. We appreciate your prayers and support.

Behind the Cross,

George Maddox, III

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