Sunday, July 5, 2009

Copan Ruinas

We are in Copan Ruinas! (and when I write that please hear the "Im so thankful to be alive" in my voice!) :) It took us about four and a half hours to get from Siguatepeque to Copan-some paved roads & some not. But there were ALOT of mountains! There were times we couldnt see the road ahead because of a big mountain in the way-that is how curvy the curves were! We were dodging potholes, cows, other vehicles and people! But I am so thankful for Jarmon, he really knew what he was doing! It was a crazy ride! Elias slept part of the way and the other part he was having fun being thrown left to right while standing in the back floorboard (but dont tell our moms!) He again did really well for the trip. He loved looking at the animals and calling out "big truck" or "motorcycle". God has truly blessed us with Elias-he adapts pretty well to any situation. Although it was a crazy ride, it was a very beautiful ride. The mountains were amazing-literally mountain on mountain. And there are people everywhere! There were houses on the side of mountains and I wasnt sure how they got up there or how they were even built there. Psalm 50:10-11 kept coming to my head because there were cows all over the mountains to. It was very humbling thinking about all the people and how God knows each of them and where each live and what their day is like. Isnt He a great God?
Today we walked around the city and hung out with our host family. Our family is great-it is just a woman and her ten year old son. He and Elias are already playing well together. The lady, Amanda, has fixed us some true Honduranian food-wow do I have alot to get used to!! It has been good but definatley different! The city is great-it is small so we can walk everywhere. There is a square in the middle of town and everything we need is close to it. Mr Gene was right-there is a great ice cream place too! (and yes we have already tried it on our first day!) We went to church with our host family tonight. We shared communion together. The service had to be cut short because of the curfew the government has put into place. Please continue to pray for the political situation-it could get rough for the people. It was very crazy in Tegus today. Please pray that the people will come together peacefully and that there will be no more violence. God is in control
We start school tomorrow. Please pray that we will learn the language quickly and well. We love you and are very thankful for your prayers!


  1. Hey guys!
    It is so good to see that you guys are doing well. I love checking this and seeing new updates on your ministry! I see that Elias is loving it, which is great!!! Good Luck with your first day of school, I know you both will do great! I love you guys very much and continue to pray everyday for your ministry and safety! ALL MY LOVE, and give that sweet baby boy a kiss from me!!!

  2. It's great to hear how you guys are doing. We will be sure to keep you guys in our prayers, with all that is going on there. Im glad Elias is doing well. This age has been such a blast for us, I can only imagine you guys are having all sorts of fun with him in these new advetures. Tell George I said hello. - Adam Brown

  3. Wow! Sounds like quite a ride just to get there. Prayers for you all from all of the Rhodens.

  4. In my mind, I can see the ride you went on in those beautiful mountains! I've been on quite a few of those myself and felt as though I had been dropped by helicopter into some unknown place, never to be found again! I'm thrilled that you like your host home family! God is so good! We are all so proud of our little Elias. I don't think there was a doubt in any of our minds that he wouldn't do great there! Praise be to God. We love and miss you all. How did your first day at school go??? Praying all went well. Love you!