Friday, July 10, 2009

First week of school complete!

We have finished our first week of school! Our heads are spinning but we have learned alot. We actually remembered more than we thought (praise the Lord)-although we still have lots and lots to learn! George is doing very well-I have alot of studying to do! The language is alot of memorization-so please pray that we will be able to remember and obtain what we have learned. The internet here at the house is somewhat slow and will randomly kick us of line, so it is sometimes difficult to write on the blog and upload pictures. But we have found a very cool cafe where the internet is free and fast. We are able to talk to our families via Skype there! 
As I was saying before-school has been full of new information floating in our heads so we needed a break (yes, even after the first week)! So today after class we went to a place called Agua Caliente. It is about an hour from the city up the mountain (again it was a very bumpy ride). There were two other students from school that went with us. When we first got out of the van we werent sure what to think. There were a couple of big concrete "pools" with a few people swimming in them. We were all thinking that it wasnt worth the ride. But then we were taken across a swinging bridge that hung over a raging river! We then went through a tunnel carved from rock and taken up stone steps. We kept walking down the path and came to different pools of hot water. These pools were made out of stone from the mountain. It was beautiful! It was like in a rain forest tucked away in the trees. The first "pool" that we came to was designated for a mud bath, the next was a natural foot massage- it was a circle of water around a big stone in the middle, one half of the water was cold and the other half was hot, as you walked around the stones in the bottom would massage your feet. There were other pools that were like saunas and there was also a waterfall to be used for a natural back and neck massage. All of these pools were filled with natural water from the mountain. This water was very hot-you could smell the sulfur from the water. There were waterfalls flowing from one pool to the next. Words cannot describe exactly what it was like but it was beautiful and very relaxing! We had great family time. I am going to try to post pictures tonight or tomorrow so you can get an idea of what it looked like. 
I ask that you would continue to pray for us as we learn the language. Also please pray for our relationships with our teachers. George's teacher says she is a Christian but my teacher is not. Pray that we will be encouraging and share the Gospel through learning spanish. God is so good and continues to show us that. We pray that you guys will have a great weekend. We love and miss you!


  1. I am visualizing Paradise! So awesome that ya'll found that! Love you and miss you too!

  2. In my mind's eye, I can visualize this beautiful place! How sweet that you were able to go there and find some respite from a week of learning! We love you guys and are praying that the language will come easily. Also praying for your teacher Kara. Lord bless!

  3. I am very excited about how well your first week went at school! What a blessing...we'll be praying for your teacher, Kara! love you guys!