Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14

As you can see, we had a very relaxing weekend. This weekend we also had some time to talk with Amanda (the woman whose house we are staying in). She is a teacher at one of the schools near Aqua Caliente. She has to travel an hour to work and an hour home on a bus everyday. There are three hundred students in the school but only six teachers! She teaches kindergarden and has 48 students. Can you imagine trying to teach 48 little ones? It is a big problem here in Honduras-there are alot of students but not enough teachers. While in class they get a thirty minute break to eat lunch. Where Amanda teaches, the people are very poor. Before all of the presidential issues, the president gave schools food for each student during this break. Now they receive none. So most of the students do not get to eat. Amanda says that the students will come to her during the day and tell her that they are hungry-but there is nothing she alone can really do about it. In the past Amanda has bought her whole class shoes and toys but the director of the school gets mad because there are not enough for all of the students. The schools are very much in need here in Honduras. It is a very difficult situation because there are so many students and so much of Honduras is poor. Especially with all the political stuff going on now. For instance, here in Copan the people rely heavily on tourist but there arent near as many here as there usually are so the people are really struggling. It effects everyone here-the hotels, the stores, the restaurants, the taxis, even the school where we go. Please continue to pray for the political situation. Although there arent anymore riots in the cities, the government is not stable and organizations have threatened to stop imports and exports from Honduras-this would devastate the country. Please pray for the people of Honduras that they will find their hope in God alone. Please also continue to pray for my teacher-Yessenia. She is a very sweet person and is a great teacher but she does need salvation. She is also pregnant-the baby is due around the end of October. Also George and I are looking for a church that we can be a part of. It is difficult now because we dont know enough Spanish to follow along but please pray that God will direct us there. We love you guys!

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  1. While the needs are so great there in HOnduras, we all continue to pray that you, George and Elias would be like lighthouse beacons unto the lost. Although you cannot physically feed all of these hungry precious little ones, what you can give them is the food of the Word and the warmth of His love. We will pray for your teacher Kara, for the children, for the political situation and that you would find the church God wants you in. We love and miss you. Kisses to Elias!