Friday, May 14, 2010

Catching Up

We had a great week with the New Oak Grove/Sardis/Raiford Road Men’s group last week. It was great to get to meet some of these guys and also to see some familiar faces. There were a few snags in the road for these guys but they persevered and completed the church. I also heard that they had a great time witnessing to the community around where they built the church. Please continue to pray for this church-that the people will grow in the Word and glorify God. I also wanted to say thank you to the men because a lot of them left clothes and goodies for the people around the Property-a huge blessing.

We also want to thank the people of Raiford Road who gave us a great gift offering for our house. We were able to go to Tegucigalpa to do a little shopping!

Also while we were in Teguc we had to go to the immigration office to renew our visas. We were in the immigration office for 4 hours for what should have only taken about 10 minutes!! (welcome to Honduras!!) Please continue to pray for our residency. They told us this time that it should be ready by next month-but the way things go over here, you never know! Overall we had a great time in Tegucigalpa where we stayed with another missionary family. They are so much fun to hang out with and God has blessed us with another great friendship!

Our house is coming along great (we apologize for not having pictures but our internet just isn’t strong enough to allow us to upload any) We are really looking forward to moving in and settling down.

We went to the doctor yesterday for the baby’s monthly check-up. The doctor said everything looks great! Praise the Lord! She is measuring right on schedule and growing beautifully! I would like to take this chance to thank all of the MOPS girls from Raiford Road who have sent me lots of diapers and wipes, cute onesies and pacifiers! You guys are such a huge blessing!

Today is George’s birthday! 28 years old! We are celebrating with dinner with Evis, Norma, and the boys! I thank God for George and the man that God is making him.

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and love! We love you guys very much!