Monday, July 26, 2010

Short Update

So much has happened since the last post! There i so much to talk about but not alot of time because we are at the internet cafe.
We moved into our house-we love it, it is beautiful and more than we deserve!
We have had a few more groups-all of which have been great! God has really blessed each group. please continue to pray for the people that the groups ministered to, that they will desire to have a true relationship with God and grow in that relationship.
Our daughter was born-Sadie is here!!! Praise the Lord she is healthy and everything went smoothly! Thank you to all who prayed for us. God has blessed us greatly! (If you have Facebook there are pictures of her in the photo album that Kylie put on my page)
We are trying to work something out with the whole internet thing. We miss not being in touch with everyone but at our house the internet does not work. Hopefully we will figure out something soon.
We love you guys very much!!