Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mercy Me song

One of my favorite songs be Mercy Me:

in you

I put my hope in You
I lay me life in the palm of Your hand
For I’m constantly drawn to You O Lord
In ways I cannot comprehend
It’s the Creator calling the created
The Maker beckoning the made
The bride finding what she’s always waited for
When we find ourselves that day

In You where the hungry feast at the table
The blind frozen by colors in view
The lame will dance, they’ll dance for they are able
And the weary find rest
O the weary find rest in You

It’s no secret that we don’t belong here
Though set apart by the grace of You
We look for the day when we go to a place
Where the old become brand new


Words & Music by Bart Millard
© 2000 Simpleville Music (ASCAP)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Love Jesus

Last night I listened to a sermon by Brother Johnny from rrcsermons.blogspot.com. It is titled "Love Me" from April 2008. He preached from the passage found in John 21:15-19. I love this passage and what it means and this morning I just wanted to share some of the things that I learned as Brother Johnny was preaching. Jesus asks Peter multiple times "Do you love me?" In the sermon Bro Johnny tells us to put our name there- "Kara, do you love me" This will make you think. Jesus answers "Feed my sheep." The following are points that Bro Johnny made in his sermon-and I would encourage everyone who reads this to listen to this sermon. And of course I thank Bro Johnny for preaching the Word of God in truth so that we may learn.
-Our religion does not impress God
-Any sin problem in my life is first and foremost a love problem toward Jesus. If I love Jesus like I should then sin would be less of an issue.
-My love for Jesus should exceed my love for anything else. Anything that we love more than
Him is an idol. Anything.
-The degree of my love for Christ is directly related to the degree of my understanding of what He has done for me (really think about this one for a few minutes)
-My love for Jesus will never match His love for me
-we give love to Him by obedience, gratitude, and spending time with Him

God is more than worthy of our love and adoration. If we truly love Him we will love His people, we will continually proclaim His worth to Him, we will be obedient.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

no internet

Sorry that we have not written on the blog lately-we have been without internet for two weeks now. We are all doing great. Elias was sick a couple of weeks ago but praise God he is much better and has his appetite back! George and I are keeping on with school. My last day with my teacher was Friday-she is getting ready for the birth of her baby. I have a new teacher this week and she is great too.

We don’t really know a lot about what is going on politically. There is nothing about it on TV and since we haven’t had the internet, we have been out of the loop. We do know that November 29th is going to be a big day. This is when the people will vote for their next President but the people are divided and so it has the potential to be a great conflict. Please begin to pray for this day even now. Pray that there will be a solution before this day.

Also please keep praying for Gene. Pray for peace for Gene and Debbie that they will continue to know that God is able to do anything but that more than that God is with them. We love them so much.

Pray for Jarmon too as he starts his long drive back to Honduras. Pray for safety and protection with no problems at the border. Also for Karina as I know she is worried about him.

Again thank you for your prayers! We love you!