Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cotton Babies

We have been pretty busy since we have been back but it is so good to be back home! We have had two great groups and we have been trying to get settled back in. We still dont have internet at our house-we are in town now at an internet cafe.
A few months ago Summer told me about a website for cloth diapers for Sadie. Now to be honest when she first said this I was thinking NO WAY! All I thought about was how hard it would be and inconvienent! And I had heard stories about how moms had stuck their babies with pins (I wont mention any names Mrs Kaye!) So needless to say I wasnt very interested. But then I realized how much diapers would be here in Honduras so George and I decided to reconsider! Summer told us that her friends in another country applied for a grant at this website and received many diapers and supplies for free. This website had blessed many missionaries and their families! We applied and received the grant!! We were so excited and a little nervous. When we opened the box we werent sure what to expect-but there were no pins! These cloth diapers are easy to assemble and easy to clean. And very comfortable for Sadie! They adjust with snaps so that they will fit her the entire time that she will be in diapers! We use them and love them! Having these diapers have totally changed the way we thought it would be to use cloth diapers! It has been such a blessing and has already saved us money! The website is and they have been such a blessing to our family!