Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cotton Babies

We have been pretty busy since we have been back but it is so good to be back home! We have had two great groups and we have been trying to get settled back in. We still dont have internet at our house-we are in town now at an internet cafe.
A few months ago Summer told me about a website for cloth diapers for Sadie. Now to be honest when she first said this I was thinking NO WAY! All I thought about was how hard it would be and inconvienent! And I had heard stories about how moms had stuck their babies with pins (I wont mention any names Mrs Kaye!) So needless to say I wasnt very interested. But then I realized how much diapers would be here in Honduras so George and I decided to reconsider! Summer told us that her friends in another country applied for a grant at this website and received many diapers and supplies for free. This website had blessed many missionaries and their families! We applied and received the grant!! We were so excited and a little nervous. When we opened the box we werent sure what to expect-but there were no pins! These cloth diapers are easy to assemble and easy to clean. And very comfortable for Sadie! They adjust with snaps so that they will fit her the entire time that she will be in diapers! We use them and love them! Having these diapers have totally changed the way we thought it would be to use cloth diapers! It has been such a blessing and has already saved us money! The website is and they have been such a blessing to our family!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We had a great time in North Carolina spending time with family and friends. It was hard to say goodbye. We are back in Florida now trying to get everything packed up and ready to go. We fly back to Honduras Jan 25. We really enjoyed going to all the different churches and seeing old friends and meeting new ones! We have had a great time here in the States but we are excited to get back home and get going with the ministry. There is a team leaving this Sunday-they will be in Tegucigalpa for a week and then another team will be leaving the following Sunday. They will be in Chaloma. Chaloma is where Evis and Norma lived before they came to the Property.
Please be praying for us as we get back in the swing of things. Pray for Elias and Sadie that they will be able to adjust well. Pray for the groups that are coming this year and for International Mission Builders. In all of these and in our lives I pray that God will be most glorified and that His Word will be spread in Honduras.

Monday, January 10, 2011

We have been enjoying our time here in the States, we have been very busy but having a great time. We were in Florida first for a few weeks then we came here to North Carolina. This past weekend we made a quick visit to Virginia to see some of George's family there. We had a great time but it was cut short so that we could make it back to NC before the snow storm came-and boy did it come. It is still snowing as I type! It is beuatiful and we will soon get out and play in it!
Elias and Sadie are still growing fast! Its hard to believe how fast time goes by!
Now continuing with the updates of Honduras:
In July Taryn Stevens joined us on the Property as an intern. We had a great time and learned alot from one another. She first taught English a few times at a school, she helped me around the Property and with Elias, and a few other ministry things. It was a blessing to have her there and to see her heart for missions. Please pray for her as she obeys Gods guidence in her life. A few weeks before we left to come to the States Norma, Taryn and I started a womens Bible Study! The first week we had over 20 women and lots of kids! We had a fun time a it was great to be able to meet some of the women around the Property (some women walk over an hour to be there!) I am looking forward to getting back and fellowshiping with Norma and these women again! Please pray for these meetings as we get to know the women and that we will have sweet fellowship as we study God's Word.
The work-men and Evis are doing alot of projects around the Property. We have seen a few pictures and they look great. We look forward to getting back and checking everything out!
We had a blessed Thanksgiving , Christmas and New Year and are so thankful that we were able to spend those days with family!